Friday, August 8, 2014


I hate the word!  It brings great sadness to me when I hear that someone has committed suicide.  There are so many questions left unanswered and many people left hurting.
Many people who struggle with Anxiety and depression also struggle with suicidal thoughts.  I know I have been there and i understand the struggle.  It is REAL, it comes slowly and then your mind is bombarded with thoughts until you feel their is no other way out.
The thoughts come as an answer to  having peace and not struggling any more and even bringing peace to your family so they don't have to struggle so much with your problems. This is a big lie from the enemy.  The people left behind struggle a lot more because they wish they could have seen it coming and wonder why God allowed it to happen.  They will also have to live with it all their lives.
Suicide is preventable.  I know when I have struggled my first line of defense is to tell someone else that I am struggling with suicidal thoughts and that breaks the power of the thoughts.  It is like the enemy wants you to struggle alone so he can push you to a corner and defeat you.  When someone else knows they can pray with you, watch you and just be available day or night for you.
If someone comes to you and confesses they are struggling with suicidal thoughts don't play it down, take time to listen to them, make them promise you that they will call you when the thoughts return and if you are available be with them as much as possible especially if they are depressed.  See to it that they are following their doctor's instructions on medication and if they are not take them to the doctor.  You can save a life!
The devil is a liar and he wants to take and destroy lives.  Please don't allow him to destroy yours.  Remember to tell someone if the thoughts come to you.