Monday, December 22, 2014

May I come over?

I was tired of being alone for another evening/night.  My grown children were out with friends and my husband was in Africa.  I felt so alone and I decided to do something about it. 
I called a friend and asked if I could come over and work on some Christmas cards for Church.  I felt a little silly telling her I was lonely but that was the truth and I was starting to feel myself going down towards depression.
Many people feel alone especially during the Christmas season.  Some have grown children who live far from home, some have lost their spouses, others have gone through divorce and some just don't have many friends to connect with.
The commercials on Television show happy families and warm friendships.  After watching too many of these one would start wondering what was wrong with them.
The truth is nothing is wrong with you.  You may be one of those people who struggle with depression all year long and around and  time it seems to get worse around Christmas time.
I think the first step to overcoming this depression is to acknowledge it, and then decide to do something about it.  You can go see your therapist and come up with a plan to pull you from the pit, you can come up with a plan with your regular Psychiatrist to increase your medication to get you over the hump, you can call a friend and ask if you can come over and spend time with them.
Remember my friend who I called she said "yes! come on over and we can finish the cards and play a game of scrabble."  I was so happy.
Maybe you are thinking "that is not me"  I can't just call someone and ask to come over.   My question to you is why not?  The enemy of our souls likes to divide and rule so he would love to isolate you and keep you from people.  This will only make you more depressed.  Don't agree to his plan it only leads to more depression. I read an article on depression that stated that suicide is at its highest in the month of December.  So don't ignore how you are feeling.  Take it seriously and do something about it even if it means being vulnerable and admitting your loneliness to a friend.
God created us to need each other and that is why being a member of a community is so healthy.
Pick up the phone and call someone.  Yes, you and do it now, you will be glad you did!

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